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Who Are We?

MRI is an independent reporter of charter fixtures and indexes for the tramp market. We have been in business for over 50 years, and enjoy a worldwide following. The success of our company is attributable to the accuracy, dependability and timeliness of the information we deliver. Our comprehensive fixture data is collected from worldwide sources by reporters located in all major shipping marketplaces, and includes dry as well as tanker global tramp cargo movements. The reputation of our company has been acclaimed by the shipping industry; so much so that MRI data is often used as evidence in litigation cases where market rates need to be established for particular trade areas. 


Who uses Maritime Research products?

MRI products are widely used as a shipping tool for easy reference of last done charter market fixtures or trends of charter freight rates and movement. An easily readable report format facilitates the location of fixture information specific to any trade area. Circulation of reports produced by MRI has grown over the last four decades to thousands of subscribers worldwide.

Among the many types of users of our products are:

 User Purpose

Charter Brokers


Obtain easy access to past and current charter fixture information without significant time investment.


 Ship Owners


Keep abreast of competitive vessel movements and rates.   




Follow commodity movements from all ports worldwide in order to determine freight costs for their cargo shipments.

- Port Agencies

- Ship Suppliers

- Stevedores     

- Tug Operators


Maintain accurate records of ship arrivals and departures.

 "Other users include government agencies involved in foreign trade, world financial   institutions, members of maritime insurance clubs, and the maritime legal profession."